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When discussing your design, here are the different terms I will use and what each element looks like when in dice

Techniques/technical terms

Blanks- These are smaller dice (without numbers), that are cast seperately and then put into the master molds to create dice with numbers.  This is used to protect delicate items like nail stickers and sprinkles, or to give a candy-coated look

Nail Stickers- These are tiny stickers that I can put on blanks and then cast them in the numbered shells.  Great for fandom-based sets or intricate designs.

Injection- This is a technique used when pouring your dice. 2-3 colors are injected into the middle of the molds, usually so that they are flaoting in clear resin.  I can also have them sink more dramatically, if thats what you're going for 

Wisp - Usually 3 colors, very delicate and small areas of pigmentation.  Looks a lot like water color to me. Can be done in opaque or translucent

Petri -colored tendrils rise from a base of pigmented resin on one face.  Can be done in blanks or the whole dice

Base Layer- For certain designs, a base layer will need to be poured in order to keep an inclusion in the middle of the dice or to achieve an overall effect

Dirty pour- A "dirty pour" is the name of the techique were muliptle colors are poured from one vessel into the molds, all at once. There are a few different types of dirty pour, so here is what each means and looks like
-Continuous: In this style, different colors of resin are layered in one cup and poured into the dice molds.  This creates a gradient as the colors leave the cup sequentially

-Ink:  With this style, a base color of resin is mixed and alcohol inks are put on top of this resin and poured into the molds.  This leads to thin lines of color that wisp across the faces of the dice

-Split pour cup: This technique uses a special cup to hold pigmented resins next to eachother in individual compartments, so that the resin creates stripes amongst eachother. This technique can work with all opaque colors
But also works really well with some translucent colors 

and with some clear resin also being added at the same time

Ribbons- This is an effect I can achieve with the dirty pour cup

Window- This is a term I use when making a little clear part in a most-opaque set.  Often times I will put an object in the window and the opaque part of the set wil happen behind the object, so it can still be seen. Additionally, sometimes I will also use this term when talking about a dirty pour with clear windows to see the texture of the pour

Design elements

Inclusion- this means solid object that can be put in the dice, such as an object I make out of resin, or a 3D printed item. I work with a very talented 3D printer and can get pretty much anything printed that you could want! 
All inclusions are either the same density as my resin or will be specifically positioned inside the dice so as to maintain the center of gravity.  MY DICE ARE ALWAYS BALANCED

Mylar- This is a reflective plastic sheet that comes in many colors and can be crinkled up in the middle of dice to make them extra sparkly

Shimmer- This is the descriptor I give to the look that mica powders and other fine pigments give to the resin they are put in.  Sometimes this shimmer can be color changing or it can be the same color as the resin.  It can be put in translucent or opaque resin, and in all of the resin or just an accent color.

Holo flakes- These are irregularly shaped pieces of holo material, which reflect all the colors in the rainbow.  They that add a sparkly, chaotic look to translucent resin 

Iridescent flakes- Different than holo flakes, these are larger, translucent and relfect more yellow<->green and pink<->orange colors.  I find they work well for opaque designs as compared to holo flakes

Color Shift- Some pigments have the ability to show 2-3 different colors, depending on the angle you look at them.  I have an extesive collection and can send specific examples if you have certain colors in mind

Gold flake vs none with wedding flowers- Most people choose to add gold flake to wedding bouquest sets, but you can choose whatever! These two sets were made with the same flowers, but one uses gold flake as well, and the other does not

Foil flakes- similar to gold flakes, I have many additional colors of foil flakes.  Like these blue and pink ones

Design Motifs

Palette set- This is how I refer to sets where each die has a different color combo in it, but together they represent a collective.  Like this set inspired by the characters of Sonic the Hedgehog

Pictures in dice- Do you want tiny photos of something in dice?  I can do that!

Reptile shed- I can use shed from your pet or I can use some of the snake shed that I have on hand. The shed can be dyed translucent, painted any color, or painted metallic

Skulls-This is a very common 3D printed inclusion that can be used in a variety of different ways!

Feathers- I have worked wiht feathers in the past. I can use feathers from your pet or I can do simple dye-jobs on small white chicken feathers 

Ashes- I have worked extensively with ashes (human, dog and cat), though I can only ship and recieve ashes within the USA.  All sets of ashes act a little differently but there are two main things to keep in mind, and that is if you want the ashes to stay in a cloud in the middle of the dice

Or if you would like the ashes to sink more and have a "bloom" on one of the faces of each of the dice (I can even preplan which faces this occurs on)

Drawings- I love using a child's drawings on the inside of dice!
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