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Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes! International shipping is $20 USD and usually takes 1-4 weeks once its in the mail.

Q: Are commissions open right now?
A: Commissions are currently closed while I work on the sets ordered in the last round. I'm hoping to reopen things in early July.

Q: How do commission slots work?
A: you will purchase a $200 slot which will reserve your slot in the queue.  After the purchase we will chat over email and if your design is more complicated or involves 3D prints, there will be an additional fee which will need to be paid before I can proceed with the set.

Q: Can you guarantee delivery by a certain date?
A: Unfortunately I cannot guarantee any delivery date.  Life with two little kiddos means that sometimes production gets shut down when they are sick or have days off of school.  I will do my best though!

Q: How much does a custom set cost?
A: Sets start at $200 right now and go up from there. Memorial sets add $25 to the cost, 3D printed and painted inclusions add $25 to the cost and various other design elements add differing amounts.

Q: Can you make a set of d6s or d10s?
A: Unfortunately I only make full 7-piece RPG sets.

Q: I noticed a typo in a listing, that makes me uneasy about buying from you...
A: We all have our strengths in life.  I can put together a 1000 piece puzzle in one evening, but I can't type well and have to google how to spell "piece" more than I care to admit.  I may be bad at spelling/copy editing, but I am very good at making dice :)

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