Busy Wizard Dice

Spring sprinkle dice! RAW 7-piece TTRPG dice set

On sale! $45.00


This set is currently raw which means it still has slightly rough edges along where the cap met the mold. These can be shaved off with an x-acto knife or can be sanded and polished off using my finishing kit.

This set features real spring-themed sprinkles, safely encapsulated in a shell of clear resin.

This dice set is hand made by me which means they will have small imperfections, rough edges, scuffs, paint flaws and maybe even bubbles. But that’s how you know it’s made by hand with love and dedication! Each set is made with high quality glitters, resins and pigments.

This set includes one each of a d20, d12, d10, percentile, d8, d6, and d4. A full 7 piece set for all of your RPG needs.

May they roll well for you!