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Image of Rainbow Petri (PREORDER) 7-Piece TTRPG Dice Set

Rainbow Petri (PREORDER) 7-Piece TTRPG Dice Set


This is a tentative preorder, I will do the same technique again and hopefully they are stunning again. You get the right to turn down the set that I make and I'll try again one time, but if I can't pull it off again I'll probably have to cancel the order. But I'm pretty sure I can pull it off!

This set features a rainbow Petri effect with a bloom of color on the high face and a few delicate little tendrils in the middle of the dice

These will go at the end of my casting queue so production time is 2-3 months

This dice set is hand made by me which means they will have small imperfections, rough edges, scuffs, paint flaws and maybe even bubbles. But that's how you know it's made by hand with love and dedication! Each set is made with high quality glitters, resins and pigments.

This set includes one each of a d20, d12, d10, percentile, d8, d6, and d4. A full 7 piece set for all of your RPG needs.

May they roll well for you!

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