Busy Wizard Dice

Mutagenic Ooze 7-piece dice set for TTRPG



If you’re interested in this set but with a different color for the numbers, please contact me and I can reink them at no extra charge.

This set features opaque yellow ribbons/blobs snaking around a middle of sparkly and iridescent mylar crinkles. They are inked in a bold blue.

This dice set is hand made by me which means they will have small imperfections, rough edges, scuffs, paint flaws and maybe even bubbles. But that's how you know it's made by hand with love and dedication! Each set is made with high quality glitters, resins and pigments.

Notable quirks in this set (all pictured): the d20 being *slightly* oblong on one corner (this does not affect how it rolls, I have checked), and an area on the 2 face of the d6 where the blue paint got stuck under some exposed resin edges caused by the mylar touching the edge of the mold (this will not affect the stability or integrity of the die). On one face of the d4, the 3 is missing and the 2 I missing the top part of the number.

This set includes one each of a d20, d12, d10, percentile, d8, d6, and d4. A full 7 piece set for all of your TTRPG needs.

May they roll well for you!